DIY Hair Mask

A lot of us often think that investing on expensive hair products and treatment is all that you need to make your hair look healthy and take care of. But following a good hair care routine and constantly taking care of them is a must.

Most of the hair products in the market are loaded with chemicals. Paying a visit to the salon every time the weather takes a toll on your hair can burn hole in your pocket. And that’s when DIY hair masks are the way to go.

In today’s blog, I am going to share my favourite hair mask. This mask really helps bring moisture to your hair, makes it look shiny and adds the volume.

It is just the all-in-one hair mask for all the hair types.






  • Take two tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons yogurt.
  • Mix all the ingredients together until you get a nice creamy consistency.
  • If you are not doing this in shower or in the tub, then drape a towel around you to avoid the mess.
  • Start applying this mask all over your hair, from your scalp all the way down to your ends. The more, the better.
  • Keep this in your hair for 30 minutes. If you have more time, you can keep it for longer.
  • Then just wash it out and you are going to get the soft, shiny looking hair.
  • Apply this hair mask once or twice in a week.




Yogurt adds shine to your hair while the honey thickens it.

The citric acid present in yogurt effectively fights dandruff.





  • Honey is an emollient which means it seals moisture in your hair, keeping it conditioned. This reduces breakage, which is often a cause for slower hair growth.
  • Honey strengthens the hair follicles, curbing hair fall.
  • Honey cleans the hair follicles by getting rid of impurities. This minimized clogging is often a reason for hair loss.



  • If you are tired of chemicals found in store bought conditioners and are looking for a natural alternative, yogurt can help condition your hair and make it more manageable.
  • Yogurt has lactic acid in it, which is an exfoliator and it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells of your scalp which helps in hair growth.
  • Yogurt which is a natural anti-fungal, helps remove all signs of dandruff.



  • Improves scalp health, fights infection and fungus, supports hair growth, all while adding volume and shine to your hair.
  • While some of the healthier hair products may cost a little more, the good news is that food-grade coconut is safe, affordable and can effectively replace many hair care products in your cabinet.


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This hair mask is a must try it. It is amazing.

Wish you all healthier hair ❤


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