Summers are my favourite season because you get a lot of styling options. But it’s really hard to get through the scorching heat of this season. In summers, there are a lot of problems that we have to face related to our skin, hair, makeup etc. Summers are here and it’s the time to look for those hacks that will make it easier to survive through this season.

Here, I am sharing a few hacks that are very easy to try and would definitely make your Summer 2017 easier.


#Hack 1: Johnson Baby Powder

You must have always bought this product for the new baby in your families. But, to your surprise you can put this baby powder to much more uses. For example, The Johnson baby powder can be used for makeup purposes in baking. But here we are using it for an another hack.

During summers, we often get a lot of sweat on our scalp which makes our hair look dull. To avoid the dullness, take some amount of the baby powder on your hand and apply it to your scalp. This will prevent your hair from looking dry and sticky and you can get the “0h-so-beautiful-hair”.

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#Hack 2: Rubber Bands Holder

The heat in the summers forces us to tie up our hair. But the problem is we often end up losing those hair ties in our bags or somewhere in the drawers. The one way to easily organise them is to put them all in a key chain, so you can find them whenever you want and just roll up your hair.

#Hack 3: Perfume Hack

In these summers, the fragrance is what really matters. You will never want to leave a bad smell wherever you go. But it is not always easy to carry perfumes everywhere you go and also those easy-to-get-in-your-bag perfumes are not that pocket friendly. Hence to solve this problem, you can try this amazing hack. Take some cotton or Q-tips and spray perfume on them. Keep them in a sealed polybag. Place them in your bag or even a small wallet because it won’t take much space. Carry wherever you want.

#Hack 4: Long Lasting Makeup

Fading away of makeup may occur easily in the summers. To make your makeup last longer this season, apply ice cubes all over you face before you apply your makeup. This helps your makeup to stay for a longer time and also makes you feel cooler.

#Hack 5: Rose Water

Rose can be used in variety of ways for both hair and skin.

  • It stabilizes your hair’s pH balance because it is nearer to that of hair and can aid in repairing hair damage cause due to excessive heat.
  • Rose water makes the eyes healthy and brings a shine in the eyes.
  • It also aids in clearing dark circles round the eyes cause by sun tan.
  • Rose water is perfect for all types of skin. Rose water has the properties to soothe tone, refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

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#Hack 6: Lipstick Hack

We all love wearing lipstick but often mess it up in this season, or it might just fade away with time. Here is a trick to make sure that you have a long lasting lipstick to make your pout picture-perfect.

Keep a tissue paper on your lips and dab some loose powder on it. And then apply your lipstick.

 Happy Summers You All ❤


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