1. Eat at the DHABAS: Amritsar jaake agar Dhabe pe nahi khaya to kya khaya! Punjab is all about food that gets you drooling. The masala and the flavours added to the food satisfies all your taste buds. There are a lot of fancy restaurants in Amritsar, but the real taste lies only at the local dhabas. At the first glance, these dhabas do appear a little hard to go with but once you taste the food, rest things can be ignored.

There are a number of dhabas located in the streets. The one we went to was Vaishno Dhaba and had the best Kulchhas we ever had. They serve you the original taste of Punjab and are priced so reasonably.



2. Visit Golden Temple at night: The Golden Temple with the oh-so-beautiful lighting shines so brightly at night. You can obviously visit the temple during morning but watching the night view is a must to do when in Amritsar. The temple looks beautiful at night and is a treat to watch.



  1. Shop from Katra Market: Little far from the Jallianwala Bagh is the Katra Market. Even if you don’t find the way, which is however really easy to get, you can take a rickshaw at Rs. 5/- per person. Now this market has a large number of wholesale shops from where you can buy all over suits. It is all about ladies’ suit so it might be a disappointment for you if you don’t wear any. The suits are priced just at Rs. 350-450/- and even more if you wish to buy.


Note: When you buy, they tell you that the cloth is of 5 metre, however, not all the cloth pieces measure the same. They might be less than 5 metre. So if you need a full length of 5 metre, you must measure the length before buying.

  1. Have Lassi and Faluda: If you are someone from Delhi you know that finding a great glass of Lassi isn’t a big deal. But if you’re in Amritsar you must have the Lassi there. A glass full of sweetness to quench all your “Lassi” thirst. Just the perfect drink your body and mind needs in summers.


  1. Drink Slice and Sprite at Rs. 5: Another source to make you feel better in summers. Just towards the left, as you come out from the Golden Temple, lies this place to refresh you. There is a government shop where you get slice and sprite at Rs. 5/-. Also, if you are a coke fan there is a shop for you too. They offer the drink just at Rs. 6/-

Also, there is small Nescafe stall that offers hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso, cold coffee etc. at just Rs. 13/-, 18/- and so on.


Watch out my Amritsar vlog here.


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