You know you’re a dancer when you listen to the song for the first time and all you can hear is the beat.

Dance has always been something that inspires me to do more, to be happy, to be myself. This life has a lot of phases to show you. Some days you feel productive, some days you just wanna lie down in your bed. Some days you love yourself, some days you find inspiration. And in all these moments, take a pause, take a deep breathe and DANCE.

DANCE is not just about the perfect moves. It is about the way you let your soul go along with the song. It is about the soothing music that plays each string of your body. Dance when you feel low, Dance when you get happy, Dance to love yourself, Dance to live, Dance because life is a celebration. In all the phases of my life that I have been hurt, I have been loved, I have been happy, I have been sad, all I do is DANCE. And with my faith in dance and I can assure you that it can let go all your sadness.

There is a part of you that you give when you dance. And that part given adds up to your soul.

Keep loving. Keep dancing.


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