A word of 3 letters has the power to stand against the entire universe. For all these years you have been under a constant force of 07 * 10^5 N and my friend, here you are standing strong; not letting the force over you let you down.

You are a creation of God, the first ray of the rising sun, the sound of the moving air, the waves of the flowing river. You are a phenomena of the universe and my friend, here you are, THEY CAN’T BREAK YOU.IMG_20170828_113914183


You among the million ones are unique. You are what they can never be. Look into the mirror, admire yourself. The image you see is the replication of a strong personality. And here you are my friend, creating an image of YOUR TRUE SELF.



You are a collection of stars. Your body forms constellations in the big night sky of your soul. Your hair sparkle. Your eyes twinkle and here you are my friend, SHINING ABOVE ALL.


You are a bundle of joy. You create happiness of your own. Life has been hard on you. You fell. You learnt. But my friend, here YOU ARE SMILING FOR OTHERS, while your heart cries.



You my friend, have been broken, sad, hurt, left alone, let down. You have been everything. From the morning sunshine to the new moon night. From a chirping sparrow to a bird without wings. From a flowing river to a barren land. You have been as light as feather and as hard as diamond. And here you are, fighting, surviving, living, falling and GETTING UP AGAIN.



That’s the POWER OF YOU. The power you have been living with since so many years. The power to fight the 7 * 10^5 N force. The power to repair trillions of cells of your body. The power to function hundreds of organs.

The power to LIVE. The power to LOVE. The power to SURVIVE. The power of YOU.




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