New Year Resolutions For A Better You.

This new year let’s make some resolutions together for a happier life and get them done. These aren’t some big life changing decisions, just some baby steps to make you 2018 a little brighter.

1. Give time to yourself

The most important thing is to give time to yourself. We all are a part of never ending race. W do not win every day. We don’t need to. Some days stop stressing yourself too much. Go out on a date with yourself. Love yourself a little more than you did in 2017.

2. Get healthy

Getting healthy doesn’t necessarily mean following a strict diet or joining the gym. Just exercise a little more, eat junk a little less. Do what you love, but try to do it in a healthier way.

3. Read books

Reading books is a great relaxation technique. There are days you feel like escaping this world. Grab a book and visit some another dimensions. Reading books is the most effective ways to reduce stress. Read more.

4. Learn something new

Learning something new makes you an interesting human being. It can up your self-esteem. Be more creative. Be more imaginative.

5. Create your own playlist

Create a playlist of your favorite songs. Tune in to them any day you feel like cheering up yourself. Dance your heart out to your favorite beats.

6. Forgive and Forget.

It is easy to say sorry than to actually mean it. Accept a few apologies, apologize to a few. We are human. We all make mistakes. Let go and move on.

7. Make a list of 12 things that make you happy

Write them down somewhere and keep them safe. Things that actually make you happy and do it each month of the year. Make yourself feel happier. Do it more often.

8. Meditate.

Incorporate new habits in your lifestyle slowly. Start slow and then build from there. Meditate. Concentrate. Let go all the negativities.

9. Reconnect more with old friends

With time, we all drift apart from the people we love. We care but we just move in to different directions. Just leave them a little message to let them know that you care. Take time to meet your old friends more often.

10. Subscribe to my channel 😀

Let’s support each other in what we do, what we aspire to become.

Subscribe to my channel and watch more of my videos on my YouTube channel.


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